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Antistatic slipper
Antistatic slippers / sandals are made of an electrostatic dissipative material, PU (polyurethane). Introduction of kinematics and physiology based HAD system, shoes lightweight, soft, comfortable, breathable, long wearing, not fatigue. Suitable for use in electrostatic sensitive area. Range of application: dust-free workshop. Semiconductor manufacturing, electronic imaging, control, manufacturing and so on.
Flip flops
Flip flops, referred to as flip flops.
Flip flops (Flip-Flops) are also called toe slippers”. Just listen to the pronunciation of the word, then kick tap rhythm has come out of a casual and comfortable. The merchant said “flip flops” will make the ankle, calf and thigh will become well proportioned, to the effect on the legs too wonderful for words; the doctor said, “wear flip flops” harmful to health, can cause joint pain, a sprained ankle and a series of foot problems. The argument is still here, but it is not clear, so the “flip flops” representing fashion, freedom, liveliness and pleasure remain the favorites of young people.
Flip flops can be said quite a long history, as early as thousands of years ago humans with animal skins or all available material wrapped in the soles of the feet, it can be said that the mechanical principle of flip flops the earliest form of shoes – the most basic! It would be Japan and Brazil that would have promoted the flip flops. In addition to the typical Japanese clogs herringbone drag, to type the number of Brazil glial most comfortable.
Flip flops, full of free spirit and casual feel, are popular with designers and are used in fashion shows. On the other hand, although the structure of flip flops is simple, it has unlimited creative possibilities. Illustrators and designers can use a simple flip flops and flat sole buckle when free canvas, and even ordinary consumers are free to self creation, will buckle and flip flops on the sole color free collocation, creating one of the exclusive design. A pair of finished flip flops can be created again by pasting various decorations. How can the “liberals” of this kind of “no” drag on the growing ranks of fans?.
USB slippers
The so-called USB slippers, slippers built-in USB heating slippers. This slipper mainly refers to the use of computer USB port power to heat the sheet material. Some people call USB heating film as heating film, heating film or electric heating film, etc.. Built in USB heating slippers are generally suitable for wear in colder winters.
Indoor slippers
Indoor slippers, with the improvement of quality of life, and more and more close to people’s lives, indoor slippers are generally divided into open bathroom slippers, cotton slippers, slippers, slippers, slippers, slimming fitness slipper, disposable slippers (the hotel drag), as the name implies, no matter what kind of indoor slippers, are used in the inside the room, convenient and sanitary, warm and comfortable characteristics make indoor slippers gradually become an indispensable part of people’s lives.
High heeled sandals
Ladies wear sandals, slippers and sometimes maybe similar, there is only no toe heel, but often there is not a high, not at this time is called the slippers, and are referred to as high-heeled shoes or sandals.
Outsole material
At the end of TPR
The bottom is the most common, at the end of the process of TPR is divided into TPR, TPR hard and soft bottom, TPR side seam bottom, there are a lot of friends of the rubber bottom, Dichotomanthes bottom, bottom blowing, sticky glue can fall into this category.
The advantage of TPR bottom is that it is soft, waterproof, and has a certain abrasion resistance. It feels like the rubber feel that we are familiar with at ordinary times, and one kind is pressed into cloth on the basis of TPR, which increases the durability of TPR.

Is weight reducing slipper useful? What is the principle of slimming slippers?

Want to wear a good figure of the United States, showing a coveted leg type, the first key is to lose excess body fat, to do what a pretty eye of men and women god. But to have a good figure is not so easy, and many people lose weight before planning vowed to resolve, but eventually he drew a blank. The road to lose weight seems to be temporarily stranded, but the meat on the body still refuses to listen, and it is growing, which will worry a lot of female friends.
Slippers, many women are a must-have item, collocation clothes, wear trendsetter taste. These pink slippers are very small, like those worn by children. But do not underestimate it oh, hidden in shoes design.
Pink slimming slippers
In order to meet the needs of the market, a variety of weight loss routines emerge in endlessly, such as the market on behalf of fiber diet, weight loss, drug weight loss, yoga, weight loss, etc., attracted a group of women can not wait to dig out the purse to try. And businessmen just seize the psychological characteristics of people who seek to be thin and thirsty, and then introduce the slippers to lose weight.
Purple slimming slippers
Like this pair of slippers are cute, looks very attractive, slimming slippers through the shape and color of catch people’s attention.
When the body difficulties who heard the sweat tears without hard training, and without appetite suppressing pain, as long as put on a pair of slippers to lose weight artifact can achieve slimming effect of leg, how exciting? This was the slippers beauty magazine recommended weight artifact. There are many raised massage particles in these slippers, and some powerful magnets are set at the contact area of the arch. Also, the design of the shoes is particularly short. When you wear it, the heel is empty. At first, I felt that the lower part of the leg and the foot of my hand would not fit into the bulge, and it felt painful and unnatural. I was accustomed to wearing it for a week. Have a professional magazine reported that weight loss is slippers according to the product design of the special principle of reflexology, stimulate the plantar reflex area such as the arch, and the corresponding weight control related parts of the body, including the stomach, intestines, thyroid, it is said that by stimulating the nerve can change the metabolism and digestive function and personal eating habits, to help you burning more calories imperceptibly, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

What are the materials for hotel slippers?

When traveling or on a business trip, you usually choose the Check Inn Hotel, hotels and so on. Generally speaking, the hotel will prepare for customers such as disposable toothbrushes, towels, bath towels, shoes and so on. When everyone is tired during the trip, back to the hotel, into the room, the first thing will be thinking of changing a comfortable rest shoes, so that their feet relaxed and relaxed. Details determine the quality of the Check Inn Hotel when there is a comfortable pair of shoes is also very important, then, under normal circumstances, the hotel support shoes what is the material?

Advantages of disposable slippers

1) ventilation
2) filtration
3) heat preservation
4) water absorption
5) waterproof
6) scalability
7) not unkempt
8) feel good and soft
9) lithe
10) resilient and recoverable
11) there is no direction of cloth
12) compared with the textile cloth, the production is high and the production speed is fast
13) low prices, mass production and so on.
14) fixed size, not easily deformed
15) skid resistance
Detailed introduction
Disposable slippers are more convenient in production. Because of the disposable slippers of all sizes and sizes are certain, production is relatively easy. Unlike those of recycled cotton slippers, the requirements for slippers fabrics are high, and the requirements of the disposable slippers are very low. Manufacturers do not have to take into account too many factors in production, just a suitable size, you can quickly produce a lot of disposable slippers.
Disposable slippers have better waterproof, skid resistance and ventilation. Because of the various characteristics of disposable slippers, disposable slippers have various advantages, such as ventilation, waterproof, skid resistance, water absorption and so on. In this case, disposable slippers wear will play the role of anti-skid. In view of this kind of merit, the hotel may rest assured that selects the disposable slipper, because the guest not only likes the clean and healthy slipper, also can like very much to wear very anxious slippers.
Disposable slippers is portable and very soft and comfortable to wear. Although the production of disposable slippers is relatively simple, the cost is low, but its comfort, softness and so on are unquestionable, wearing it is very comfortable. Therefore, the hotel can rest assured to buy, choose clean and sanitary disposable slippers for guests to provide services.
Disadvantages of disposable slippers
1) compared with textile fabrics, the strength and durability are poor
2) cannot be washed like other cloths
3) the fibers are arranged in a certain direction, so it is easy to split from the right angle. Therefore, the improvement of production methods is mainly on the prevention of fragmentation.

Disposable slippers, advantages and disadvantages of disposable slippers?

Disposable slippers brief introduction
1. 、 product application: suitable for hotels, hotels, foot bath, sauna and other places.
2., at present, China’s largest one-time slippers base “Jiangsu Yangzhou city” XX tourist products factory alone developed a variety of materials slippers. Become one of the most influential brands at home and abroad. Soft, comfortable, high quality fabric, towel cloth, dense velvet, coral velvet and so on, not to stimulate the skin, wearing comfortable. According to different foot type, make the most comfortable adjustment. Choose three line vehicle mechanism, all can be firm, not easy to fall. Can be used in electronic manufacturing, clean room, catering services, food processing, schools, spraying processing, metal stamping, hospitals, hand processing, beauty, pharmaceutical, hospitals, factories, clean environment, public places etc..

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